Colegio Los Ángeles · Idiomas

El Colegio Los Ángeles cuenta con un equipo de cuatro asistentes bilingües que junto con el profesorado especialista imparten los contenidos y las destrezas de cada nivel en la lengua extranjera.

Hemos observado desde hace años que la presencia de nuestros auxiliares nativos en el colegio es altamente motivadora para el alumnado que da rienda a sus conocimientos y expresan en sus clases todo el inglés que han aprendido a través de juegos y conversación según la etapa.



I’m Hannah from Manila, Philippines. I studied Bachelor of Arts major in Communication Arts in the oldest university in Asia the University of Santo Tomas. Before coming to Spain to teach English, I was a fashion assistant styling some famous celebrities in the Philippines. I also worked in a production company as a production assistant working in commercial shoots, events and attending meetings with the clients. The communication and organizational skills that I have acquired helped me a lot in the teaching world because everyday I have to communicate with the students and deliver the lessons properly.

Jose Luis


My name is Jose Luis and I’m from the small city of Amarillo, Texas, USA. I graduated from West Texas A&M University with a degree in Graphic Design. Soon after, I decided to further my education by pursuing a masters degree in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art & Design. I had the opportunity to do a lot of freelance projects for different bands and magazines.

Five years ago I got the opportunity to come to Spain, since I have worked for different schools in Madrid. I’ve also been able to teach in Italy and Morocco. Teachers have always been an important part of my life, it’s helped me realize that it’s something I enjoy.

During my free time, I enjoy running, designing, cooking, reading, and exploring the many restaurants of Madrid.



My name is Jennifer Temple and I was born in the very cold and snowy  province of Saskatchewan in Canada. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology before starting a career at the University of Regina as a graduate admissions officer and program advisor. I arrived here in Spain in 2015, and I have worked in many different primary and secondary schools, and with a variety of language programs. For the past 6 years, I also have given online English classes to children from all over the world. I am passionate about traveling, language and culture. I look forward to my time here at Colegio Los Angeles.



My name is Daylon and I was born in Dallas, Texas in the United States of America. I graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. In 2021 I moved to Madrid and started teaching English as a Language Assistant. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, exploring Madrid, hanging out with my friends, and playing soccer. I enjoy working with children and helping them learn new things that will help them in the future, while teaching them about the culture I grew up with. I look forward to seeing each of you every day and helping you improve not only your English, but in any way I can. Feel free to say hello or ask me questions if you see me in the hallway.