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Who are Los ÁngelesMadrileña Cooperative Partnership and Los Ángeles School?


Los Ángeles Cooperative Partnership is a teachers’ cooperative whose existence dates back to 1973 with the objective of creating an educational company later. Thus, in 1977, Los Ángeles School was set, becoming the biggest educational company and the biggest school in the South area.


What are the aims of ADESO LOS ÁNGELES ?


Its aims are developing physical and sport activities with school pupils as well as promoting and channelling their free leisure time.


Who can be a member of the Sports Association?


 The association is formed by around 1500 parents, who can join regardless of their children’s age (from 1 to 18).


What are the present and the future of the Sports Association?


 Sustainable progress, permanent creativity and innovation have been a constant feature of the Association. New activities are added to the existing ones every year. Currently, there are dozens of them that members can enjoy: fencing, drama, winter sports week, tennis, urban summer camp, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, competition teams, parents tournaments or Crazy Funfair among others. At the same time, the Sports for All Program is being developed with the goal of “familiarising and socialising sports and other leisure activities in the school.”