The PSYCHO-PEDAGOGICAL DEPARTMENT is a service to all the school community. It enriches our teaching staff work, thanks to the advice and guidance given at all educational stages, as well as helping parents with their kids’ education. It is intended for ALL THE STUDENTS        , so the COLLABORATION OF ALL FAMILIES by signing the request for registration is essential.


The main objective of the Psycho-pedagogical Department is contributing to the improvement of the integral education quality of all the members in the school community.


It is permanently on duty during school hours and it is formed by two psychologistsand apedagogue, support teachers as well as specialist Therapeutic Pedagogy and Hearing and Speech teachers.


The school makes a special emphasis on promoting and facilitating a personalised service to students with their educational needs. The purpose is to ensure an educational process adapted to the characteristics and needs of all and each of them.


The Psycho-pedagogical Department plays a crucial role planning and developing the school activities on offer to facilitate the service to pupils through:


  • Support to the“teaching-learning process.”
  • Support to the Academic and Professional Guidance Program
  • Support to the Tutorial Action Plan.


  • Regular and general monitoring of the students’ evolving process throughout all the educational stages.
  • Diagnosis of students with learning difficulties or high capacities.
  • Individual psycho-pedagogical study of any student upon family, teachers or any other authorities request.
  • Collective application of standardised tests to obtain a higher knowledge about the student body.
  • Informing parents and students of the results of the psycho-pedagogical tests and advising about possible difficulties.
  • Close collaboration with the psycho-pedagogical Guidance and Early Intervention Teams in the area.
  • Collaboration with other private or state institutions (universities, training schools, city councils, official bodies…).


The tasks of this Cabinet include the following:

  • Taking part in everyday school life by collaborating in the design of educational plans and projects; adapting the educational programs and assessment to student diversity.
  • Advising families through about their children’s educational stage to unify criteria and educational intervention guidelines.
  • Promoting the adequate class atmosphere and school work aiming at all the students’ acceptance.
  • Prevention, diagnosis and assessment of possible retardation, dysfunctions or imbalances at a cognitive, social and/or emotional level of students in their early years.
  • Caring for students with special educational needs with the objectives of fully integrating them and optimising resources.
  • Advising the teaching staff in psycho-pedagogical issues and favouring the adjustment in teaching-learning processes through the most suitable curriculum adaptation plans.
  • Realising Early Stimulation programs and workshops in the classroom (coordinated with tutors) to favour and strengthen children’s cognitive, social and emotional development.
  • Resolving the teaching staff’s questions related to disruptive difficulties in the classroom.


We advise teachers in group formation; guide new tutors about their pupils’ characteristics and offer guidance in teachers’ coordination meetings.

  • Information and guidance for the monitoring of students with Special Needs.
  • Elaboration of reports of derivation of the Educational Guidance Team of the Madrid Autonomous Region (EGTM), as well as the monitoring of the different cases.
  • Implementation of educational measures to monitor and assess students during the academic year.
  • Coordination with teachers in each stage to implement and intervene in educational reinforcement and support in Primary Education.
  • Adaptation of human and material resources to deal with students’ difficulties.
  • Collective psycho-pedagogical tests in the Second, Fourth and Sixth Years. These will help monitor of students every year and, once they’ve finished each stage, in the decision-making process of end-of-year or end-of-stage promotion.
  • Individual assessment of all the students who need to be derived to external professionals or any other bodies upon request (specialists, Evaluation Unit, hospitals…)


  • Informing and guiding students and families by means of talks or seminars on topics with an influence on students in this stage (Alcohol and Drugs Consumption, Gender Equality, the Internet and Social Networks, School Absenteeism…).
  • Advising students and families about measures, prevention programs and any other topics of interest (Relationships in the Classroom, Bullying at School…).
  • Monitoring and intervention in cases of learning difficulties.
  • Collaboration, monitoring and implementation of students’ educational reinforcement and support programs in the different levels.
  • Adaptation of resources and materials to deal with students’ difficulties.
  • Advising students in the Second, Third and Fourth Years and parents to make the most suitable choices according to the aptitudes and interests of each student.
  • Elaboration, together with the tutor, of the Counselling Advice Report of each student when they finish each stage in Secondary School.
  • Collective assessment tests on Aptitudes, Adaptation, Study habits and professional Preferences for their decision-making process in the Third Year of Secondary School.


  • Monitoring and intervention with students who require individualised help.
  • Collective assessment testson Aptitudes, Adaptation and Professional Interests as a support for their decision-making process as it regards their academic and/or professional future.
  • Guiding students and parents to make the most suitable choice by accounting for the personal qualities of each student.
  • Organisation of academic and professional guiding activities by visiting different institutions and attending information sessions in the school.


Almudena Macías Cantón

Psícologa de Educación Infantil

Mª Cristina Ruiz Hernández

Psicóloga de Ed. Primaria, Secundaria y Bachillerato

José Ángel Guzmán Pina

Profesor de Pedagogía Terapéutica

José Luis Serrano Deleyto

Pedagogo de Ed. Primaria, Secundaria y Bachillerato

Natalia Garrido Alonso

Profesora de Audición y Lenguaje

Rocío Cobos Martín

Profesora de Apoyo en Secundaria

Pueden contactar también con los profesionales de este Departamento a través de la Plataforma EDUCAMOS


91 696 08 43


Paseo de Tiselius 5 (antiguo Prado de Acedinos s/n)

28905 Getafe · Madrid

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