The contents related to North-American culture adapted to the goals established in our own bicultural Project are included. These topics (it is not a curricular subject, but an approach to North-American culture) will be taught in English by using the CLIL methodology.


These contents will deal with:


  • American English and Literature Concepts.
  • North-American Social Issues and Folklore.
  • North-American Arts Education.

This Project is in line within the framework of the Bilingual Cooperative Schools to provide our students with a bicultural and bilingual education. To achieve this goal, we have the teachers in the English Department as well as four American conversation auxiliaries.


In principle, this project matches the goals of the projects of the United States Ministry of Education carried out through their Sub-directorate General for the Foreign Promotion of Education.


We can specify the objectives we want to attain with this project and that will be explicitly stated in the classroom and material planning. They are as follows:


  • Pupils will become competent both in their native language and English.
  • Achieving pupils’ academic success in all their curricular subjects.
  • Educating students in the values of a multi-cultural education.
  • Preparing pupils for their academic and professional development in an international context.
  • Favouring students in their progression to accept the other and the different, regardless of their race, culture or gender.
  • Promoting the participation of the different social groups and sectors in the community in an integrating educational project.
  • Facilitating pupils registered in these programs a bicultural, bilingual education to get them prepared for their future success in personal, academic and professional aspects.

Plan de las TIC.


This year we will continue making use of the computer laboratories, libraries and Science laboratories with all their ICT resources as a tool in the teaching-learning process, coordinating its use within the Core Competences established by LOMCE.


We will encourage the use of our already installed Interactive Digital Whiteboards in the classrooms and that of the online platform EDUCAMOS as a means of assessment and communication of the classroom tasks.


We will also make use of the Virtual Classroom, a digital platform for parents, pupils and teachers, where a lot of resources can be found.



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